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B. S. Fox, O. P. Balaj, I. Balteanu, M. K. Beyer, and V. E. Bondybey. Aqueous Chemistry of Transition Metals in Oxidation State (I) in Nanodroplets. Chem. Eur. J. , 8, pp. 5534-5540, 2002.

Abstract: Nanodroplets consisting of a central ion surrounded by a solvation shell of water molecules provide an interesting medium for studies of aqueous transition-metal chemistry in the unusual oxidation state (I). While VI undergoes efficient, solvent shell dependent redox reactions to VII and VIII, the absence of any similar reactivity in aqueous Cr(I), Mn(I), Fe(I), Co(I), Ni(I), and Cu(I) clusters is explained by a rapid precipitation of the corresponding single monochloride molecules from the nanosolutions.

Keywords: electrochemistry, hydrates, gas-phase reactions, mass spectrometry, redox chemistry

Posted by Balaj O. Petru


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