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Nicholas C. BUZBUCHI. Validation Among Theoretical Calculations of the Propeller Harmonic Excitation and Experiments. In Bulletin of the Marine Engineering Society in Japan (MESJ), the VI-th International Symposium on Marine Engineering ISME 2000, Tokyo. 2000.

Abstract: The paper is an attempt to the harmonic structure computation of the marine propeller torque and thrust, being predictive methods of propeller excitations induced in the marine engine shafting system for the design stage. Two quasi-steady methods using the lifting line theory, the first being semi-theoretical due to the wake field experimentally determined and based on the direct Prandtl theory, and the second one based on a developed Lerbs induction coefficients, an analytical method using only the propeller series diagrams and general empirical formulae for the wake and suction coefficient, have been presented.
The paper shows the simplicity and accuracy of the last method, as a primary information on the propeller excitations, and this procedure takes into account a non-dimensional expression of the circulation, as a two-dimension function of the blade radius and angle of rotation. A validation calculation with experiments of propeller excitations induced into the shafting system is analyzed, showing acceptable agreement between calculated and measured excitations.

Keywords: Marine engine, Engine Shafting System, Propeller Torque and Thrust

Posted by Nicolae Buzbuchi


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