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Cristina Campian, Vasile Pacurar. The behaviour of fully encased composite columns under cyclic loads and dissipative interpretation for seismic design. In International Symposium IASS 2005 on Theory, Valuation, Maintenance of Shell and Spatial Structures" , 6-9 septembrie 2005, Bucuresti, , pag 347-352,ISBN 973-713-056-1, ISBN 973-713-057-X, pp. pag 347-35. Editura Mediamira, Cluj-napoca, 2005.

Abstract: 3 monotonic tests and 9 cyclic tests according to ECCS loading procedure were carried out in U.T.Cluj Laboratory. An analytical interpretation is given briefly for the monotonic tests which constitute references for the cyclic ones.
A simplified characterization is proposed for the loss of resistance, the reduction of stiffness and the capability to dissipate energy.
The last part of the paper is devoted to an attempt to determine approximate values of the behaviour factor q of one-storey frames ( a pendulum frame under ordinary seismic conditions), with dissipative zones in composite columns similar to the tested ones.

Keywords: composite columns, dissipative interpretation, seismic design

Posted by cristina campian


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