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A. Cionga, F. Ehlotzky and G Zloh. Circular dichroism in differential and integrated cross sections of free-free transitions in high energy electron-atom scattering. Journal of Phys. B, 33, p. 4939, 2000.

Abstract: In the case of circular polarized field and eliptic polarized field I have studied the dependence of differential cross sections by helicity of photons. For a superposition of a linearly and a circularly polarized laser beam we shall show that circular dichroism in the angular distribution can be predicted for the nonlinear two-photon transitions, if the dressing of the atomic target by the laser field is treated in second order of perturbation theory in which the coupling between the atomic bound and continuum states plays an essential role. Of special interest is that for particular configurations circular dichroism can be encountered not only in the differential but also in the integrated cross sections.

Keywords: Circular dichroism, cross sections, free-free transitions, electron-atom scattering

Posted by Gabriela Buica


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