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Cristian Calude, Gabriel Istrate and Marius Zimand. Recursive Baire Classification and Speedable Functions. Zeitschrift fur Mathematical Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik (now called Mathematical Logic Quarterly), 38(1), pp. 169-178, 1992.

Abstract: Using recursive variants of Baire notions of nowhere dense and meagre sets we study the topological size of speedable and infinitely often speedable functions in a machine-independent framework. We show that the set of speedable functions is not ``small'' whereas the set of infinitely often speedable functions is ``large''. In this way we offer partial answers to a question in the first author's paper (C. Calude "Topological size of sets of partial recursive functions", Z. Math. Logik Grundlagen Math. 28, 455-462 (1982)).

Keywords: resource-bounded measure, speedable functions


Posted by Gabriel Istrate


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