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Mircea Mihailescu , Veturia Chiroiu. Advanced Mechanics on Shells and Intelligent Structures. Editura Academiei, Bucharest, 2004.

Rezumat: New computer resources and innovations in the field of intelligent materials, sensors and actuators, yield in recent years to an explosion of research centred on the optimum design of structures. Nevertheless, a gap persists between mathematical theories concerning intelligent structures and the achieving of practical engineering constructions. This book bridged the span contributing with theories and models to succeed the match of both mathematical clever minded results and the skilful high technological achievements. The book provides an introduction to the advanced theories on shells and intelligent structures, underlying for effective improvement of construction performances. The book is addressed to engineers, mathematicians, and practitioners interested in the fields of shells and intelligent structures in various applications of the physical, mechanical, earth and life sciences.

Cuvinte cheie: industrial mathematics, smart materials, dynamical systems, nanomechanics

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