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C R Rotundu, H Tsujii, Y Takano, B Andraka, H Sugawara, Y Aoki, and H Sato. High magnetic field phase diagram of PrOs4Sb12. Physical Review Letters, 92, p. 037203, 2004.

Abstract: The magnetic phase diagram of PrOs4Sb12 has been investigated by specific heat measurements between 8 and 32 T. A new Schottky anomaly, due to excitations between two lowest crystalline-electric-field (CEF) singlets, has been found for both H||(100) and H||(110) above the field where the field-induced ordered phase (FIOP) is suppressed. The constructed HT phase diagram shows weak magnetic anisotropy and implies a crossing of the two CEF levels at about 89 T for both field directions. These results provide an unambiguous evidence for the Gamma1 singlet being the CEF ground state and suggest the level crossing (involving lowest CEF levels) as the driving mechanism of FIOP

Keywords: heavy fermion, superconductivity, PrOs4Sb12


Posted by Costel R Rotundu


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