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S. P. Li, D. Peyrade, M. Natali, Y. Chen, U. Ebels, L. D. Buda, K. Ounadjela. Flux closure structures in cobalt rings. Phys. Rev. Lett. , 86, p. 1102, 2001.

Abstract: Measurements are reported on the magnetization reversal in
submicron magnetic rings fabricated by high-resolution electron
beam lithography and lift-off from Cobalt thin films. For all
dimensions investigated, with diameters of 300 nm-800 nm and a
thickness of 10 nm-50 nm, the flux closure state (FC) is the
stable magnetization configuration. However, with increasing
diameter and decreasing film thickness a metastable near single
domain state (SD) can be obtained during the reversal process in
an in-plane applied field.

Keywords: Rings, Flux closure

Posted by Liliana Buda-Prejbeanu


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