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Victoria Zinca, Marius Cirlan. The reproduction of hormonal effects by macromolecular RNA. Acta Cytologica, vol. 13, pp. pp. 679-68, 1969.

Abstract: Investigations on the possibility to reproduce the effects of estradiol-17beta in an endocrino-dependent organ - the vagina - by local macromolecularRNA have been carried out. Macromolecular RNA was extracted from ovariectomized female rat vaginas.
After intravaginal application of extracted RNA in ovariectomized animals the appearance of hormonal effects expressed by epithelial hyperplasia, hasty keratinization and evident exfoliation has been ascertained.
In some regions leukoplasia with granulated cells, eleidine and keratohyaline has also been observed.
The study suggests astimulation of the proteinogenesis process in an endocrino-dependent organ by the RNA of messenger type formed under the influence of estradiol-17beta. Probably RNA will serve as material for polysomes'formation.

Keywords: RNA, estradiol-17 beta, vaginal epithelium, ovariectomized rats

Posted by Marius Paul Cirlan


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