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Marius Cirlan. A new allele at the m ouse hairless locus: hrnk. Mouse Genome, vol. 94, pp. 686-688, 1996.

Abstract: Mutant individuals without hair have accidentally appeared in a Swiss mouse colony. They have been studied to establish the type of mutation and its effects. It was observed the lack of normal coat in homozygous mutant mice throughout life. Also, the thymus was present in 1-day old pups resulted from parents without hair, while their chromosomes do not exhibit abnormalities in number and structure. Reduced prolificacy(4-8 pups/litter) and excessive inter-male aggressiveness are another two characteristics of the mutant mice without hair described in this paper. All these characteristics define occurrence of another mutant pleiotropic allele at the mouse hr locus on the chromosome l4. This allele was proposed to be named naked hr, shortened form being hrnk.

Keywords: hairless mouse, mutant allele,chromosome 14

Posted by Marius Paul Cirlan


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