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Moruzi, R. F.; Tirziu, E.; Muselin, F.; Dumitrescu, Eugenia; Hutu, I.; Mircu, C.; Tulcan, C.; Doma, A. O.; Degi, J.; Degi, Diana M.; Boboc, Mihaela G.; Chirila, Andreia B.; Iancu, Ionica; Baraitareanu, S.; Cristina, R. T. . THE IMPORTANCE OF DATABASES TO MANAGE THE PHENOMENON OF RESISTANCE TO ANTIMICROBIALS FOR VETERINARY USE. Rev Rom Med Vet, 29(4), pp. 40-57, 2019.

Abstract: This article aims to present the most significant organisms which are responsible for monitoring antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and principal references for AMR and antibiotic consumption in humans and
animals. Databases and surveillance systems, from both the human health and veterinary sector, are becoming increasingly ample in data, and more complex as a result of recently made extensive studies on AMR. For this purpose, a database was developed in the form of a table, including such sources, but also articles and books. In this report, important data are
presented on the extent and implications of the AMR, but also about the importance of databases and monitoring of AMR, as well as the relations between monitoring organisms which are involved in the global fight
against AMR.

Keywords: database, monitoring, resistance, antimicrobials


Posted by Romeo Teodor Cristina


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