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Muselin, Florin; Dumitrescu, Eugenia; Berbecea, Adina; Doma, Alexandru Octavian; Brezovan, Diana; Savici, Jelena; Trif, Alexandra; Cristina, Romeo Teodor. The effect of cisplatin administration on certain trace elements homeostasis in rats and the protective effect of silver birch (Betula pendula) sap. . Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology, Epub 2018 Feb 07, 2018.

Rezumat: BACKGROUND: A clinically active structure with known antitumor activities is cisplatin (CDDP), but this it comes with toxicity characteristics which can be faded by the beneficial effects of Silver birch (Betula pendula) sap.
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to assess the cisplatin activity on: Mn, Mg, Cu, Fe and Zn homeostasis in rats and to observe the effect of birch sap.
METHODS: Healthy Wistar rats (n = 10/group) were divided in four groups: Control: receiving 1 mL saline I.P. way + water; E1: cisplatin 20 mg kgbw-1, I.P.; E2: cisplatin 20 mg kgbw-1, I.P. + birch sap and Control sap group: 1 mL saline I.P. + birch sap. Blood was collected: at the trial's start and after 48 h, and blood and organs (liver, kidney and spleen) for the cytoarchitecture investigation and readings were sampled after seven days. Samples were processed in nitric acid by microwave digestion and readings were completed by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, the outcomes being statistically analyzed by ANOVA.
RESULTS: Cisplatin produced a significant imbalance in the trace elements homeostasis, the birch sap administration recovering them usual homeostasis status. Comparatively with the Control, rats exposed to cisplatin presented a not significant (p&#8239;>&#8239;0.05) decrease of Zn (-26.74%) and Mg (-10.25%), a significant (p&#8239;<&#8239;0.05) decrease of Cu (-27.73%) at 48&#8239;h, a highly significant (p&#8239;<&#8239;0.01) decrease of Cu (-56.08%) and Fe (-85.35%) at seven days after administration and a not significant (p&#8239;>&#8239;0.05) increase of Mn (+28.16%). Birch sap administration after Cisplatin was followed by restoration or nevertheless significant increase (p&#8239;<&#8239;0.05) of the investigated trace elements Zn (+56.88% to 48&#8239;h/+89.94% after seven days), Mg (+26.86%/+95.74%), Cu (+23.13%/+74.56%), Fe (+39.64%/+440.11%) and Mn (+4.30%/+15.87%), suggesting them defence against cisplatin. Histology revealed the order of main altered organs after the CDDP exposure:kidney, spleen and liver.
CONCLUSIONS: The study recommended the important protective role of Betula pendula sap against diverse cisplatin deleterious side-effects.

Cuvinte cheie: Betula; Birch sap; Cisplatin; Trace elements


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