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Stancu, Adrian; Ghise, Alina; (Pentea, Marius; Velimirovici, Dana Emilia; Pasca, Sorin; Carpinisan, Liliana; Cristina, Romeo Teodor. Hematoxylin - eosin- Staining in a Dog Polyarteritys Nodosa. Materiale Plastice, 54(2), pp. 302-303, 2017.

Abstract: Polyartetrtys nodosa (PAN) was diagnosed histologically in a dog 14 months old, that presented in the necropsy a hemorrhagic diathesis. The specific lesions were present in the muscular arteries of middle and small caliber and in the arterioles from heart. The modifications are segmentail, chronic, evolving from fibrinoid necrosis to the polyphasic, transmural, neutrophilic, leucocytodastic, macrophagic, lympho-plasmodtic and finally fibrotic vasculitis. The elastolisis predisposes to micro-aneurisms and micro-hemorrhages. Unlikethe petivascularitis, the inflammatory process's extended to the surrounding tissues.

Keywords: polyarteritis nodosa; dog; fibrinoid necrosis.


Posted by Romeo Teodor Cristina


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