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Ioana Maria Buțu, Ionel Constantinescu, Mihai Buțu, . The influence of nitric oxides over intensely aerobe physical activities. Environmental Engeneering and Management Journal, vol. 11, nr.9, p. 1603 ̵, 2012.

Rezumat: High development of urban areas, cohabitation of a large number of populations, as well as industrial enterprise development,
reduce the quality of environmental factors. Air quality data in Bucharest was analyzed to establish the evolution of nitrogen
oxide concentration for a period of 24 hours during the week and for a longer period of time, i.e. 2006 - 2007, respectively. For a
healthier life, in order to increase the population health degree, in the last time we underline the mentality change as well as
training for physical activities of a large number of people. Thus we can observe two main stream mass sports and also the
planning of the activities for preparation in the performance sport, in correlation with environmental factor. This paper shows the
effects of applying a workout plan in which the evolution of nitric oxides concentrations are taken in account during different
hours of the day and different days in the week. Scheduling intensely aerobe physical activities during hours when the nitric
oxides concentrations are lower has led to better results in the competition for the athletes participants to the experiment.

Cuvinte cheie: copii, oxizi de azot, parametrii, populatie, program de antrenament


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