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Romonti, D. E., Gomez Sanchez, A. V., Milošev, I., Demetrescu, I., Ceré, S. Effect of anodization on the surface characteristics and electrochemical behaviour of Zr in artificial saliva . Mater Sci. and Eng. C , 62, pp. 458-46, 2016.

Abstract: Anodic oxide layer formed on Zr in phosphoric acid with fluoride is monoclinic ZrO2.

Fluorine ions from the electrolyte are incorporated in oxide films
Anodic polarization in Afnor solution evidences breakdown of the passive films.
Decrease of breakdown potential may be induced by defects caused by fluorine.

Keywords: Anodized zirconium; Fluoride; XPS; Corrosion resistance

Posted by Ioana Demetrescu


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