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Adrian Grozea, Alexandru Drasovean, Dacian Lalescu, Denes Gál, Ludovic Toma Cziszter, Romeo Teodor Cristina. The pike perch (Sander lucioperca) background color first choice in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 16, pp. 891-897, 2016.

Abstract: A study on Sander lucioperca age classes to assess preference for background color was imagined. Two groups: G1 (92 days old, average weight: 6.2 ±1.6 g) and G2 (461 days and 101.7 ±27.1 g), were continuously observed for 24 hours after one day of acclimation, using 90 fish / group (30 fish / replication / 24 hours), their behavior being recorded with cam-recorders.
For the study, the walls and bottom of a rectangular research tank were colored equally in: grey, light and dark blue and green.
During the study, were made 216 observations / group (72 observations / replication) and were statistically analyzed using
Duncan test, with a confidence level of P˂ 0.05 or lower. Results revealed that a significant number from G1 was located on
the green space, in order, preferred background color being: green, grey, dark and light blue. The G2 group expressed also
high affinity for the green color (P< 0.001) concluding that, green background can give a safety feeling to the pikeperch, thus,
rearing or transport of pikeperch categories in green tanks could have the benefit of stress decreasing and added benefit for
this fish species in the aim of advancing the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.

Keywords: RAS, color preference, behavior, pike perch.


Posted by Romeo Teodor Cristina


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