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Ioan-Marcel Ciurus. Optocuplor polaroid. Patent RO 125739 B1, 2016.

Rezumat: The invention relates to a polaroid optocoupler for the conversion of a mechanical motion into electric signals and for mechanically modifying the parameters of some electric signals respectively. According to the invention, the optocoupler comprises an emitting module in connection with which, at the output, there is mounted a polaroid polarizer filter (P) and a receiving module in connection with which, at the input, there is mounted a polaroid analyzer filter (A), some relative rotary motions and axial forward motions could be imparted from the outside thereto, determining the modification of the electrical signal parameter value at the output, due to polarization phenomena and reorientation of the polarization plane of the light radiation and also the modification of the distance between the two modules.

Cuvinte cheie: Optical polarization, Optoelectronics, Polaroid optocoupler, Sensor.


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