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DANIELA LORIN, ADRIAN C. STANCU, VALER TEUSDEA, ELENA MITRANESCU, ROMEO T. CRISTINA, DORA ORBOI, RAMONA AMINA POPOVICI, MARIUS C. PENTEA. Use of Adapted Diffusion Method as Preliminary Assay for Antifungal Biocides Efficacy Currently Used in Decontamination. REV. CHIM. (Bucharest), 66, pp. 1978-81, 2015.

Abstract: The study purpose was to assess the efficacy of four, commonly used biocidal commercial conditionings on
fungi and yeasts strains, sampled in eight representative poultry and swine units from Romania. These were tested in the aim of Diffusion Qualitative Method (DQM), biologic material being represented by: Aspergillus niger, A. flavus, A. fumigatus, Rhodotorula rubra and Candida albicans. Assay revealed that out of four biocide products tested, the cidal activity was ascertained only in a share of 75% (3/4), in the case of one product, at the manufacturer’s recommended concentration of 2%, the cidal action being absent to the filamentous strains of fungi

Keywords: antifungal, biocides, efficacy, decontamination, diffusion method


Posted by Romeo Teodor Cristina


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