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GR Gillich, IC Mituletu, I Negru, M Tufoi, V Iancu, F Muntean. A Method to Enhance Frequency Readability for Early Damage Detection. JOURNAL OF VIBRATION ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGIES, 3(5), pp. 637-652, 2015.

Rezumat: The damage detection methods based on vibration measurements are able to recognize cracks in the
early state if accurate frequency evaluation is achieved, in order to identify small changes in the modal
parameters. The time history provides insufficient information if usual frequency estimation procedures
are involved, due to the rapid damp of the higher-order natural frequencies. The paper describes a method
to enhance the identification of natural frequencies, which consists in increasing the spectral bin number
by overlaying multiple spectra achieved from the iteratively truncated original signal. Additionally, an
original damage detection algorithm is presented. It is based on the frequency shifts of a few first vibration
modes occurred due to damage, which are in direct relation to the modal strain energy stored at the
damage location. The detection method is applied to real structures for some damage scenarios; even a
crack reducing by 6% the beam's transversal cross-section was detected and located successfully

Cuvinte cheie: Cantilever beam, Damage detection, Frequency evaluation, modal analysis, Overlapped spectrum


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