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GR Gillich, ZI Praisach, MA Wahab, N Gillich, IC Mituletu, C Nitescu. Free vibration of a perfectly clamped-free beam with stepwise eccentric distributed masses. Shock and Vibration, Vol. 2016, 2016.

Abstract: A direct approach for the calculation of the natural frequencies and vibration
mode shapes of a perfectly clamped-free beam with additional stepwise eccentric
distributed masses is developed, along with its corresponding equations. Firstly there is contrived the influence of a mass, located on a given position along the beam, upon the modal energies, via an energy analysis method. Secondly, the mass participation coefficient is defined as a function of the mass location and the bending vibration mode number. The proposed coefficient is employed to deduce the mathematical relation for the frequencies of beams with supplementary eccentric loads, generally available for any boundary conditions. The accuracy of the obtained mathematical relation was examined in comparison with the numerical simulation and experimental results for a cantilever beam. For this aim, several finite element models have been developed, individualized by the disturbance extent and the mass increase or decrease. Also, one real system was tested. The comparisons between the analytically achieved results and those obtained from experiments proved the accuracy of the developed mathematical

Keywords: natural frequency, vibration analysis, beam, mass distribution, stepwise distributed load

URL: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/User/My%20Documents/Downloads/425910%20(3).pdf

Posted by Gilbert-Rainer Gillich


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