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Vlad Mischevca, Ion Jarcutchi. Pacea de la Bucuresti: din istoria diplomatica a incheierii tratatului de pace ruso-turc de la 16(28) mai 1812. / Ed. a 2-a, rev. si adaugita. . Chisinau, 2015.

Abstract: The Peace of Bucharest (the diplomatic history of the conclusion of the Russian-Turkish Peace Treaty 16 (28) May 1812). /Second edition, revised and completed - Chisinau, 2015.
Authors, based on a number of diplomatic sources and a vast international historiography, investigate from new positions one of the most dramatic events in the national history - The Act of 1812. In the work are analyzed the main stages of the diplomatic duel between the
Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire during Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812 years, which was concluded by signing of the Peace Treaty.
The Treaty of Bucharest, between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire, was signed on 16 (28) of May 1812, in Bucharest, at the end of the Russo-Turkish War. The exchange of ratification acts officially took
place in Bucharest on 2 (14) of July 1812.

Keywords: The Eastern Question, Russian Empire, Bessarabia, 1812,

Posted by dr.Vlad Mischevca


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