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Vlad Mischevca. Prutul in destinul neamului romanesc: O antologie istorico-literara a raului. . Civitas, 2015.

Abstract: The Prut is an interne river, became "international", which divides three countries: Romania (Romania), Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. After the 1812 & Second World War the consequences of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact continue to be perpetuated, and the determination of the last frontier on the Prut River is equivalent to raising a new Berlin Wall in Europe. The river itself can't be good or bad, in geographical terms. The splitting of nation and setting of arbitrary borders attracted the attention of many writers, historians and cultural personalities. The article presented a summary approach of the dramatic Prut history and is away from the thought of an exhaustive presentation.

Keywords: The Prut River, the Danube River, Bessarabia, Basarabia, Bukovina, Moldavia, Moldova, Russian Empire, Romania, Romanians, cultural and national emancipation, border, sides of the river, poems, songs

Posted by dr.Vlad Mischevca


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