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Valceanu DG, Suditu B, Petrisor AI. Romanian technological risk objectives (SEVESO). Effects on land use and territorial planning. Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 10(4), pp. 201-208, 2015.

Abstract: Industrial objectives generating a technological risk (SEVESO) has a significant impact on land use and urban and territorial planning. Knowing the details related to identifying, monitoring and managing the potential technological risks are becoming priorities, provided that the objectives under the SEVESO Directive sets a significant fingerprint over the territory where they are situated with respect to the safety and health of population and economic losses. The article will analyze the status of industrial objectives with a technological risk in relationship to the built environment and the manner in which the provisions of SEVESO Directives are implementing in the planning of development in the neighboring territories. The study will analyze the spatial distribution of technological risk objectives, position within urban areas, chaotic distribution, perspectives of changing the land use through urban and territorial plans, the correlation between their typology, the risk category and potentially affected population, and the conflict between SEVESO objectives and urban and territorial planning. The national practices pinpoint the existence of legislative and institutional lacks in modeling the use of lands with an already constituted function situated close to technological risk objectives and planning for the position of future enterprises posing a technological risk.

Keywords: Seveso sites, spatial distribution, technological risk, land use, territorial planning


Posted by Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor


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