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A. Boboc, B. Bieg , R. Felton , S. Dalley , Y. Kratvkov . Invited Article:A novel calibration method for JET Real-Time Far Infrared Polarimeter and integration of polarimetry based line-integrated density measurements for machine protection of a fusion plant. Review of Scientific Instruments, 86, p. 091301 , 2015.

Abstract: In this paper, we present the work in the implementation of a new calibration for the JET real-time polarimeter based on the complex amplitude ratio technique and a new self-validation mechanism of data. This allowed easy integration of the polarimetry measurements into the JET plasma density control (gas feedback control) and as well as machine protection systems (neutral beam injection heating safety interlocks). The new addition was used successfully during 2014 JET Campaign and is envisaged that will operate routinely from 2015 campaign onwards in any plasma condition (including ITER relevant scenarios). This mode of operation elevated the importance of the polarimetry as a diagnostic tool in the view of future fusion experiments.

Keywords: Calibration,Optical polarimetry,Plasma diagnostics,Interferometry


Posted by Alexandru Boboc


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