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Marius-Gabriel SURU, C. Morosanu, R. I. Comaneci, E. Mihalache, B. Pricop, N. M. Lohan, C. Baciu, L. G. Bujoreanu. Comparative Evolution of Surface Relieves of Stress-induced Martensite Plates in Shape Memory Alloys with Different Crystalline Structures. Materials Today: Proceedings, Vol. 2, No. S3, p. S957S960, 2015.

Abstract: The evolution of surface relief characteristics of stress induced martensite plates was investigated at Fe-Mn-Si-Cr, Fe-Mn-Si-CrNi
and Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloys (SMAs), subjected to tensile deformation. Hot-rolled specimens underwent different
successive stages of pre-straining, by means of a tensile testing machine, at room temperature (RT). The gauges of polished
elongated specimens were analyzed by optical and atomic force microscopy. Quantitative evaluations were based on systematic
dimensional measurements of the widths and heights of different martensite plate profiles. The results were used to statistically
evaluate the variation tendencies, with pre-strain degree increasing, of the width and height of martensite plates.

Keywords: : Shape memory alloys; martensite plates; surface relief; tensile tests; atomic force microscopy; statistical evaluation


Posted by Marius-Gabriel SURU


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