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Marius-Gabriel SURU, N. M. Lohan, B. Pricop, I. P. Spiridon, E. Mihalache, R. I. Comaneci and L-G. Bujoreanu. Structural effects of high-temperature plastic deformation process on martensite plate morphology in a Fe-Mn-Si-Cr SMA. Int. J. Materials and Product Technology, Vol. 50, Nos. 3/4, pp. 276-288, 2015.

Abstract: An Fe-Mn-Si-Cr shape memory alloy (SMA) was induction melted,
in a cold crucible furnace, cast into cylindrical moulds and swaged by means of
two hot working processes. From repeatedly hot forged and hot rolled billets,
different specimens were prepared with longitudinal and transversal
orientations with respect to main plastic deformation direction. After
corresponding metallographic preparation, structural analyses comprising
optical (OM), scanning electron (SEM) and atomic force (AFM) microscopy
observations were performed with the aim to emphasise the structural effects,
of the two above mentioned plastic deformation processes on martensite plate
morphology, size and distribution. The paper reports the results recorded by
OM, SEM and AFM and corroborates martensite plate surface relief with
high-temperature plastic deformation process. The results show that martensite
plates were shorter and deeper in hot forged specimens as compared to hot
rolled ones, an effect which is atypical for Fe-Mn-Si-Cr SMAs.

Keywords: shape memory alloy; SMA; surface relief; hot working; atomic force microscopy; AFM; phase transition.

URL: http://

Posted by Marius-Gabriel SURU


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