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G. Denham, A. I. Suciu. Torsion in the homology of Milnor fibers of hyperplane arrangements. In Bruno Benedetti, Emanuele Delucchi, Luca Moci (eds.), Combinatorial Methods in Topology and Algebra, pp. 31-36. Springer, 2015.

Abstract: As is well-known, the homology groups of the complement of a complex hyperplane arrangement are torsion-free. Nevertheless, as we showed in a recent paper, the homology groups of the Milnor fiber of such an arrangement can have non-trivial integer torsion. We give here a brief account of the techniques that go into proving this result, outline some of its applications, and indicate some further questions that it brings to light.

Keywords: Hyperplane arrangement, Milnor fibration, characteristic variety, orbifold fibration, cyclic cover, multiarrangement, multinet, deletion, parallel connection operad, polarization


Posted by Alexandru Ion Suciu


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