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Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan, Coculescu E. C. (corresponding author), Radu A., Petrescu L., Purcărea V. L. Market policy as an innovative element of marketing in the Romanian healthcare services - an approach focused on the patient . Journal of Medicine and Life, 8(4), pp. 440-443, 2015.

Rezumat: The orientation towards one of the marketing policies with a major impact in organizations providing healthcare services, requires a careful analysis of the needs and aspirations of customers, targeting those patients whose needs the service organization can achieve through the existing resources at the respective health facility, finding the most effective way of achieving benefits associated with reduced costs to maximizing profits, placing the offers for medical services required by the patients on the market, as well as promptly reacting and acting to the changes of health services market which is constantly evolving through a flexible organizing and functioning structure, connected to the financial needs of the patients.

Cuvinte cheie: Romanian health system, healthcare marketing, marketing policy

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