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Coculescu Bogdan-Ioan (and corresponding author), Purcarea V. L., Coculescu E. C. A strategy to identify opportunities for innovation in Romanian healthcare services. Journal of Medicine and Life, 8(3), pp. 333-335, 2015.

Abstract: In principle, the development of medicine (including the Romanian health system) is primarily dependent on the level of funding and the efficiency with which this funding is used, the structure of the population and socio-economic development of the geographical area concerned, and not least, the attitudes and expectations of patients, which in turn translate into care taking policies system. Unlike the other services, health services are accessed by a large number of people, which results into high health. As an economic principle, the fewer resources are used to achieve the expected results, the more effective the supplier. However, the introduction of new medical technologies, many of them more reliable yet more expensive, required a reassessment of the way resources are used at the suppliers' level to produce the expected results, an evaluation based on cost-effectiveness per analysis (or per patient) criteria. Finally, medical services are the tools of the marketing strategy of any medical organizations without which the needs and motivations of the beneficiaries (patients) could not be satisfied. In essence, the entire marketing philosophy is based on the needs and wishes of the people and on concrete solutions to solve them.

Keywords: Romanian health system, medical management strategies, health marketing

Posted by Bogdan-Ioan Coculescu


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