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Adrian Arghiropol. Contribution to direct reaction engines performances increase with heat transfer optimization. 2012.

Rezumat: The long range solid propellant rocket engines can be considered as parts of the space rockets, or parts of the intercontinental military missiles. The long range aviation missiles are carried by the long-range aircrafts, and both are subject to carrier's flight vibrations over the highspeed and long flying period of time. The aim of this PhD Thesis is to add my contributions in order to improve and optimize the long range solid propellant rocket engine study model, subject to dynamic loads generated during aircraft flight evolutions, or its own rocket missile's flight, through a mathematical modeling based on CFD simulations, completed and compared with some experimental test results.

Cuvinte cheie: 2D, 3D, CFD, Cycling Loading Effect, Direct reaction engines, FLUENT, Finite Element Studies, Flow parameters, Solid Rocket Engine, Solid Rocket Engine Test Bed, Vascoelastic material

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