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C. Ciuhu and A. Lodder. The influence of the boundary resistivity on the proximity effect. Phys. Rev. B, 64, p. 224526, 2001.

Abstract: We apply the theory of Takahashi and Tachiki in order to explain
theoretically the dependence of the upper critical magnetic field
of a S/N multilayer on the temperature.
This problem has been already investigated in the literature,
but with a use of
an unphysical scaling parameter for the coherence length.
We show explicitely that, in order to describe the data,
such an unphysical parameter is unnecessary
if one takes into account the boundary resisitivity of the S/N interface.
We obtain a very good agreement with the experiments
for the multilayer systems Nb/Cu and V/Ag, with various layer thicknesses.

Keywords: superconductivity, mesoscopic physics

Posted by Calina Ciuhu


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