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Vasile, B. (2012). Catégorisation cognitive et stéréotypie dans la production du langage chez les patients schizophrè nes: contributions psycholinguistiques. 2012.

Rezumat: Cognitive categorization and stereotype during langage production in shizophrenic patients

This PhD thesis presents the exploration of the linguistic production at the schizophrenia adults through the processes of cognitive categorization and lexicalization. The interdisciplinary approach gathers the psychopathology, the cognitive linguistics and elements of neuropsychology within the framework of an experimental protocol approved by the clinical services of Purpan CHU (teaching hospital) from Toulouse. Structured in three parts, the protocol investigates the lexical, phrasal and discursive levels in schizophrenia patients by means of naming tasks, verbal fluency and storytelling within the framework of clinical experiments. The results confirm the data of the specialized literature stating quantitative and qualitative deficits in schizophrenia patients. In addition, the rich content of the corpus indicates the importance of the stereotypes which show through in psycholinguistics fixed frames in these patients and which require a specified coverage(Cognitive remediation, art-therapy).

Cuvinte cheie: categorization, prototype, stereotype, language production, schizophrenia, semantics


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