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M. Pentia, on behalf of the DIRAC Collaboration. DIRAC Experiment and Test of Low-energy QCD. In D. Poenaru and S. Stoica (eds.), Advances in Nuclear Physics, pp. 407-416. World Scientific, 2000.

Abstract: The low-energy QCD predictions to be tested by the DIRAC experiment are revised. The experimental method, the setup characteristics and capabilities, along with the first experimental results are reported. Preliminary analysis shows good performance: alignment error via Lambda mass measurement m_Lambda = 1115.6 MeV/c^2
with sigma = 0.92 MeV/c^2, proton - pion relative momentum resolution sigma_Q = 2.7 MeV/c, and evidence for pion+ pion- low momentum Coulomb correlation.

Keywords: QCD at low momentum transfers, Chiral perturbation theory


Posted by Mircea Pentia


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