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H. Madsen, P. Thyregod, B. Burtschy, Fl. Popentiu & G. Albeanu. On Using Soft Computing Techniques in Software Reliability Engineering. In K. Kolowrocki (ed.), Advances in Safety and Reliability, ESREL 2005, 2, pp. 1317-1323. A. A. Balkema Publishers, 2005.

Abstract: Previous investigations have shown the importance of evaluating computer performances and predicting the system reliability. Software engineering techniques are proposed for producing reliable software. This paper cosiders soft computing techniques in order to be used for software fault diagnosis, reliability optimization and for time series prediction during the software reliability analysis. It is shown that the study of the data collections during a software project development can be done in a soft computing framework.

Keywords: soft computing techniques, software reliability engineering

Posted by G. Albeanu


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