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Ianos I, Petrisor AI, Zamfir D, Cepoiu AL, Stoica IV. In search of a relevant indicator measuring territorial disparities in a transition country. Case study: Romania. Die Erde, 144(1), pp. 69-81, 2013.

Abstract: Countries in transition to a market economy exhibit increased regional disparities, leading to differences in the standard of life and in the chances of the population to benefit from the radical socio-economic and political changes. Our aim in this article is to find an index other than the gross domestic product, and maybe a synthetic one, capable of measuring territorial imbalances. In search of such an index, we considered 17 indicators to be relevant and applied these to the 41 Romanian counties. The results indicate that territorial disparities in a transition country with a large rural population can be measured by an aggregate index essentially formed by the gross domestic product, the number of inhabitants per room, and the rate of school dropouts.

Keywords: regional disparities, transition country, aggregate index, Drane-Aldrich-Creanga test, Romania


Posted by Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor


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