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A. Anghel, C. Marian, Mara Pitulescu, Alina Daba, I. O. Sirbu, V. Rusu and B. Budowle. Population genetic study of eight short tandem repeat loci CSF1PO, TPOX, TH01, F13A01, FESFPS, vWA, F13B and LPL in the Western Romanian population. . Forensic Science International, 131(2-3), pp. 218-219, 2003.

Abstract: Allele frequencies for eight tetranucleotide short tandem repeat (STR) loci?CSF1PO, TPOX, TH01, F13A01, FESFPS, vWA, F13B, LPL?were obtained from a population sample of 105?122 unrelated individuals born in Transylvania and Banat (Romania).

Keywords: STR loci; Hardy?Weinberg equilibrium; Allele frequencies

Posted by Ioan Ovidiu Sirbu


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