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Alin Suciu. propos de la datation du manuscrit contenant le Grand Euchologe du Monastè re Blanc. Vigiliae Christianae, 65, pp. 189-198, 2011.

Abstract: The most complete Sahidic manuscript of the Euchologion, the liturgical book destined to the priestly service, comes from the White Monastery in Upper Egypt. The dating of this fragmentary codex has been a matter of debate among scholars for a
long time, but their results have not reached consensus. The aim of the present paper is to enter this debate from the angle of paleography, showing that the existence of a dated codex copied by the same scribe offers us a firm ground to establish the age of
the manuscript containing the Euchologion.

Keywords: Coptic, liturgy, Euchologion, manuscripts studies, philology


Posted by Alin Suciu


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