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Tiberiu Manescu, Liviu Sevastian Bocii, Ion Copaci, Camelia Pinca Bretotean. Estudio de las tensiones en válvulas biplanas tipo mariposa. Revista Facultad de Ingenieria, no. 30, pp. 125-130, 2003.

Abstract: This paper presents the study of tensions developed as a result of the static actuation developed in a biplane valve, butterfly type, with a 1.500 mm diameter, loaded with a pressure of 1 MPa, using the finite element method, experimentally verified using a resistive electrical tensiometrical method. The proper knowledge of those valve types is very important in order to control the admissible losses.

Keywords: equipment, biplane vane butterfly type, stresses, tensions, deformations, strains, finite elements method.


Posted by Sevastian Liviu Bocîi


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