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Florin Caldararu. How Does Earth Maintain the Stability of its Rotation Motion?: An Irreversible Thermodynamics Approach. In Proceeding of European Geosciences Union. General Assembly 2011. 2011.

Abstract: This paper proposes to provide a physical description of how the Earth achieves the stability of its rotation
motion. We demonstrate that Earth is a self-organizing system due to its complexity levels, which are structured
according to the ergodic theorem. As a self-organizing system the Earth generates all the negative feedbacks
necessary to reach the near to equilibrium state. We focus on the Earth's rotation as this can be more easily
perturbed than the revolution motion around the Sun, thus its stability determines the Earth to reach the near to
equilibrium state.

Keywords: geoscience, environment, monitoring

Posted by Florin Căldăraru


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