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Florin Caldararu, Cosmin Vatra, Mira Caldararu. Monitoring of volatile organic compounds using a single tin dioxide sensor. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 14, pp. 2616-2623, 2012.

Abstract: The paper describes a new and simple method for monitoring volatile organic compounds resulting from a specific industrial indoor process. The method is based on the characteristic of tin dioxide sensors to be sensitive and non-selective to a large variety of gases. We use these characteristics to determine an equivalent concentration of the volatile organic compound mixture, a method which has not been used in other studies or experiments. The value of the equivalent concentration shows the accuracy of the process and the air purity of the industrial environment. A system including a tin dioxide sensor with its conditioning circuits and a temperature compensation circuit, a microcontroller and a graphical interface, was built up in order to obtain a versatile, online and user friendly monitoring tool. The system was used for monitoring the volatile organic compound concentrations resulted during the leather finishing processes in the Romanian industry.

Keywords: environment, chemistry, monitoring

Posted by Florin Căldăraru


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