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Cristian Ciocan. Le probleme de la corporéité chez le jeune Lévinas. Les Etudes Philosophiques , 105, pp. 201-219, 2013.

Abstract: In this article, we will analyse the emergence and evolution of the problem of corporeality in the early writings of Emmanuel Levinas, especially from 1935 to 1947. In these texts, the ego is constituted through a cohering with the self and to its own body. Alterity breaks this carnal adhesion to the self. But this break has also a dimension essentially related to embodiment: alterity is understood here not only under the paradigm of nudity, as that evades forms, but also as a face (expressive body), femininity (vulnerable body) and eros (voluptuous and tender body).

Keywords: Body, Phenomenology, Alterity, Ontology, Eros


Posted by Cristian Ciocan


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