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Veturia Chiroiu, Calin Chiroiu. Tne Inverse Problems in Mechanics (Probleme inverse in mecanica). Editura Academiei, Bucharest, 2003.

Abstract: Inverse problems have a well-recognized position in research field of mathematics and its applications. The inverse problem reverses the role between the unknowns and the data. The book addresses the practical and concrete resolution methods for certain inverse problems related to material properties and behavior: the inverse Lagrange problem, determination of elastic constants of a monoclinic crystal, the behavior of initially deformed metallic layered structures, identification problems in viscoelasticity and sonoelasticity theories, the behavior of plates and structures with adhesive bonds, and a nonlocal identification problem.

Keywords: inverse problem, Lagrange problem,monoclinic crystal,sonoelasticity, identification, genetic algorithm,


Posted by Veturia Chiroiu


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