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Henrik Madsen, Grigore Albeanu, Florin Popentiu –Vladicescu, Razvan-Daniel Albu. Optimal Reliability Allocation for Large Software Projects through Soft Computing Techniques. In Proceedings of PSAM 11 & ESREL 2012 , 25-29 June 2012, Helsinki, Finland. 2012.

Abstract: Software architecture is considered as a critical design methodology for the development of complex software. As an important step in software quality assurance, the optimal reliability allocation for software projects can be obtained by minimizing the total cost of achieving the target reliability or maximizing the system reliability subject to budget constraints. These kinds of optimization problems were considered both in deterministic and stochastic frameworks in literature. Recently, the intuitionistic-fuzzy optimization approach was considered as a soft computing successful modelling approach. Firstly, a review on existing soft computing approaches to optimization is given. The main section extends the results considering self-organizing migrating algorithms for solving intuitionistic-fuzzy optimization problems attached to complex fault-tolerant software architectures which proved to be convergent with better or similar results (in speed) as genetic or controlled Monte-Carlo approaches.

Keywords: soft computing, intuitionistic-fuzzy model, constrained optimization, self-organizing migrating algorithms


Posted by G. Albeanu


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