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Traian Florin Șerbănuță, Grigore Roșu, José Meseguer. A rewriting logic approach to operational semantics. Information and Computation, 207(2), pp. 305 - 340, 2009.

Rezumat: This paper shows how rewriting logic semantics (RLS) can be used as a computational logic framework for operational semantic definitions of programming languages. Several operational semantics styles are addressed: big-step and small-step structural operational semantics (SOS), modular SOS, reduction semantics with evaluation contexts, continuation-based semantics, and the chemical abstract machine. Each of these language definitional styles can be faithfully captured as an RLS theory, in the sense that there is a one-to-one correspondence between computational steps in the original language definition and computational steps in the corresponding RLS theory. A major goal of this paper is to show that RLS does not force or pre-impose any given language definitional style, and that its flexibility and ease of use makes RLS an appealing framework for exploring new definitional styles.

Cuvinte cheie: Operational semantics; Rewriting logic; Rewriting logic semantics


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