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Ioan-Marcel Ciurus, Mihai Dimian, Adrian Graur. Mechanical-electrical Optoisolator Transducers. In 12th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2, pp. 740-745. 2010.

Abstract: Mechanical-electrical Optoisolator Transducers are Polaroid optocouplers whose main function is to convert a rotational and/or a translation movement into electrical signal. These devices combine transducers feature to connect two physical systems operating with signals of different nature, with optocouplers feature of galvanic separation of two different voltage modules. This is achieved by introducing a mechanically controlled system of Polaroid filters on the light beam path performing the optical coupling. These transducers are generally suitable for automation and mecatronics applications.

Keywords: Transducer, Optocoupler, Polaroid filters


Posted by Ioan-Marcel Ciurus


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