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Adascalitei A (Adascalitei, Adrian), Galea D (Galea, Dan). Using e-Learning to Optimize Human Resources Training on the Job in Simulated Enterprises. In Vlada M; Albeanu G; Popovici D (ed.), PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIRTUAL LEARNING - VIRTUAL LEARNING - VIRTUAL REALITY: MODELS & METHODOLOGIES, TECHNOLOGIES, SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, pp. 61-68. BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY PRESS, SOS PANDURI NR 90-92, BUCHAREST, 050663, ROMANIA , 2007.

Abstract: Basic educational challenge is to use educational innovation in the form of virtual learning organization development and implementation. The field of e-business is multidisciplinary and in this way it is needed to develop cross fields educational environment useful for every field of studies relevant for present business. The challenge is to develop such an environment to enhance all socioeconomic and technical aspects of teaching which will be supported by modern ICT solution. APPEL "Leonardo da Vinci" project elearning framework is an innovative approach to create a technology-based environment where students will have to react to the direct repercussions of decisions using appropriate tools in order to adapt to the continuously changing business environment In the paper two cases as examples of innovative teaching methods for e-marketplaces and e-business are presented. This is followed by presentation of the initiative of APPEL project development for integration of research and practice for leaching of e-business and e-marketplaces.

Keywords: e-Learning; Simulated Enterprises; Optimization; Human Resources; Training


Posted by Adascalitei Adrian


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