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Carja G., Dranca S., Ciobanu G., Husanu E., Balasanian I. . Fabrication of mesoporous mixed oxides containing copper and cerium by using substituted anionic clays as precursors. MATERIALS SCIENCE-POLAND, 27 (3), pp. 909-917, 2009.

Abstract: Copper and cerium partially substituted anionic clay was synthesized by the coprecipitation method. The XRD analysis and N-2 adsorption at 77 K indicated that calcination destroys the layered matrix of the clay, giving rise to mixed oxides having a high surface area and mesoporous characteristics; SEM analysis showed that the new formed mixed oxides consist of ensembles of highly agglomerated, interconnected nanoparticles. It results from XPS that copper and cerium both contribute to establish the specific redox properties on the surface.

Keywords: copper, cerium, mixed oxides, mesoporosity, textural characteristics

Posted by Margareta Gabriela Ciobanu


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