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Ciobotaru, CL; Lungu, CP; Popa, SD. He study of the excimer intensity radiation in dielectric barrier discharge of Xe/I-2, mixture at high pressure. JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS , 10/8, pp. 1981-1983, 2008.

Abstract: Excimer is an acronym for the excited dimmer, molecule which does not exist in the ground state but only in an excited state and thus present a quickly dissociating de-excitation to lower unstable molecular levels. This paper presents the results of a Xel* excimer radiation intensity study in a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at high pressure. The excimer radiation with the wavelengths lambda=253.5 nm is found to be the most intense. The dependence curve of the excimer radiation intensity has an optimum for a certain value of the gas mixture total pressure due to the antagonist mechanisms of reaction involved in the generation of the excimer radiation. Also it was found an optimum value of the excimer radiation intensity as a function of iodine percentage.

Keywords: excimer radiation intensity; DBD; xenon-iodine excimer

Posted by luminita catalina ciobotaru


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