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Musa G, Ciobotaru CL, Chiru P, Baltog A . The M-effect in argon-hydrogen gas mixtures . JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS , 6/2, pp. 459-464, 2004.

Abstract: The decrease of the emission spectra of an electronegative-electropositive gas mixture discharge to only one line in the case of Ne-H-2 gas mixture was explained in our previous published papers. In the present paper, the general character of this behavior is outlined. Also, similar results for Ar-H-2 mixtures discharges are reported. In this case, at least two different argon lines were found to increase and give rise to the M-effect.

Keywords: gas discharge; Ne-H-2 gas; monochromatisation-effect

Posted by luminita catalina ciobotaru


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