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SD Popa, L. C. Ciobotaru. Title: Changes of the nitrogen 2-nd positive system due to small methane addition . JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS , 9 , pp. 2935-2936, 2007.

Abstract: The influence of small quantities of methane on the behavior of the nitrogen radiative species N-2(C) has been studied by emission spectroscopy in a N-2-CH4 d.c. flowing discharge. Second positive nitrogen system, especially the 0-0 transition with lambda=337.1 nm was investigated for methane proportion varying in the range 0.00-0.1%. A sensitive increase (up to 6 times) of the band intensities of the second positive system has been found when the methane concentration raised. This is explained in correlation with the increase of the E/N reduced electric field, due to a lower ionization threshold in a N-2-CH4 mixture.

Keywords: flowing discharge; N-2-CH4 mixtures; nitrogen second positive system; emission spectroscopy

Posted by luminita catalina ciobotaru


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